Intellectual Capital "On demand"

"Business behind the Business" Organizational Management

We go beyond executing your plan. We roll up our sleeves and work across all levels of your organization to manage your back end, non-mission critical operations so you and your team can focus on the front end, truly important, business building functions.

Management "On Demand"

Our involvement is based  on your needs. We work with clients in an hourly or daily advisory capacity or on a weekly and monthly retained services basis. You never have to worry about long term commitments or contracts.  That's why we call it "On Demand".  

You receive the benefits of highly experienced management support and subject matter expertise at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent full time staff position.

Project Management

We're proven problem solvers with decades of hands-on, real-world experience. We don't stop at telling you what needs to be done. We get it done. 

We can provide full project delivery, project team leadership, or subject matter expertise. Our role is be a force multiplier allowing you to achieve more without adding to full time head count.  

Interim Resources

You may be facing a long term position vacancy due to the departure of a key team member or an extended absence. You feel stressed to fill the position quickly but don't have the bandwidth to conduct a thorough search for the right person. 

We step in immediately with the right management resources and seamlessly integrate with your team to carry on so that you can continue operating and take the time to find the perfect replacement.    

Functional Area Expertise

Sales, Marketing

You may have blockbuster products and services but if they're not presented to the market in the right ways then you will struggle to gain market traction.   

Whether it's new products/services, re-positioning existing offerings, or entering new markets, getting it right the first time will save untold time, money, and effort.  

Our specialists are subject matter experts in marketing, advertising, social media, as well as product pricing and positioning, sales planning, training, and business development.    

We get you to market faster with highly valuable customer propositions that sell immediately impenetrable long term competitive advantages that create strong barriers to entry.      

Finance, Accounting

Accounting and finance are the language upon which business success is written. Understanding the numbers and their implications spells the difference between success and failure.     

We don't just produce the numbers, we dissect them and put the results together in ways that provide you with an in-depth analysis and interpretation of what they mean. Finally we show you how to use them to make better decisions in daily management.    

We handle everything from software selection, cash and working capital management, budgeting and forecasting, to P&L and Balance Sheet interpretation and performance analysis, 


Developing and running operations at maximum efficiency isn't easy. It is what separates good from the truly great.     Operations involves everything required for the planning, production, and delivery of products and services in ways that maximize efficient production as the optimal cost of turning inputs into outputs.     

We work with you on everything from process design, product/service development, cost and pricing analysis, production planning and startup operations, supply chain, inventory, and production management with the objective of reducing your time to market as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. 

Human Capital, HR

People are every organization's greatest asset. Finding, training, and retaining high performance talent is becoming harder. You need the right Human Capital plans programs in place to attract the best and brightest. 

We help you with everything from developing sound HR strategies, policies, and procedures, to recruitment and retention, training, regulatory compliance, performance, compensation, and benefits management.  

Information Systems

Technology is the backbone of business. Everything a business is and does flows through information systems. 

Unfortunately, most businesses take a piece-meal approach to building their platform.  The result is inefficiency, duplication of effort, and inaccurate information; each of which technology is supposed to prevent. 

We work with you and cover everything from systems design, asset acquisition, cyber-security and operations. 

Risk Management


Successful businesses know how to effectively manage risks. Risk management is more than insurance. It's examining every facet of the organization to ensure every possible problem is eliminated, minimized, or insured or transferred to third parties.    

We make sure that every aspect of your business is "covered" either by effective policies, procedures, and controls, contracts, insurance, or other risk transfer mechanisms that safeguard all of your assets, personnel, resources, and relationships.