Our Financial Advisory Services

Equity, Debt, and Hybrid Financing

Cash flow drives business.  The right financing will fuel your growth and end your cash flow nightmares. Through our nationwide network of funding sources we provide clients with a broad range of financing packages from $25K to over $50MM. Solutions our financing can provide you include:

● Seed money for startup operations

● Growth & hyper-growth financing

● Short term working capital and cash flow stabilization 

● New and used technology, equipment, vehicles, fleets, and fixed asset acquisition  

Intellectual Property and Technology  

Contractor & sub-contractor project financing  

Real estate acquisition, development & construction  

Business acquisition, mergers, buy-out, & exits  

Turn-around, distressed, and re-structuring situations 

We review the terms of each deal thoroughly to make sure the financing you get is fair and in your best interest. We understand the importance of closing funding deals quickly and have a simplified process that gets you ready and allows us to respond swiftly to meet your needs. 

Situation Analysis and Preparation

The major reason that businesses fail to secure financing is that they're not prepared.  The most common problems include: 

  Lack of a highly compelling story that "sells" in language financing sources like and understand

  Financial information doesn't exist, is old, inaccurate, poorly prepared, or unrealistic

  There is no clear "plan" forward showing how the money will be used, the expected results, and how those results will produce the funds to repay the financing     

  They lack credibility in financial expertise and have no one with it working on their behalf 

   Companies wait until it's too late to find funding to fix issues they are experiencing causing a downward spiral

Success in raising financing is a process that has to start long before the funding is required.  The later one waits the higher the probability of rejection and denial.

Our expertise is putting together financing packages that get to "yes". We answer all of the questions before they're asked.  Most importantly we leverage our expertise and credibility to become advocates for you and manage the process for you so you can focus on what you do best, growing the business.