Our Financial Advisory Services

Cash flow drives business

 Without it you struggle to survive.  With it you grow and succeed.  Businesses, regardless of size, don’t realize the power they hold in their existing asset and cash flow resources that can be leveraged to acquire the financing they need to grow phenomenally successful businesses.   

Over eighty percent of businesses are denied financing because they don’t:

  • Establish strong relationships with the right resources well in      advance of their need for financing.  
  • Start the process until it’s too late.
  • Possess the experience and capabilities required to create a      clear plan and compelling path forward.
  • Have the expertise to prepare current, accurate, and realistic      documentation, financials, and forecasts. 
  • Demonstrate the skills and abilities to execute their plans. As a      result, they fail to create the confidence and credibility with      potential funding sources.

We know what you’re going through because we’ve been where you are.  

Successful financing requires sound planning.

Financing isn’t easy. The process is stressful, time consuming, and requires considerable planning and expertise.  We use our skills and expertise to eliminate each of these issues. 

Our specialists work with you every step of the way to turn a stressful and time consuming effort into a smooth, stress free process. Our work includes:

  • Developing a complete historical and current situation      analysis. Identifying all problems, opportunities, assets, and      resources that can be leveraged into a highly compelling story. 
  • Constructing all forecasts, historical and pro-forma financial      statements, marketing, financial, and operational plans.
  • Preparation of a complete due diligence underwriting package      that answers all potential questions before they’re asked. 
  • Source, negotiate, and assist with closing the  transaction. 
  • Post transaction, on-going financial and operational      management support.


Innovative Thinking, Creative Solutions

One size does not fit all. Your situation is unique.  

We’re experts at crafting innovative and creative solutions to solve the most challenging financing requirements. We’re able to provide financing where others can’t or won’t. 

We differentiate ourselves by going beyond the transaction and assisting you in implementing and managing your new financial resources. We roll up our sleeves and work as extensions of your team to provide the on-going financial and operational management support so you can focus on growing a phenomenally successful business. 


We Know Financing

Each of our specialists possesses decades of real world corporate and entrepreneurial financial management experience. We’ve helped clients leverage their financial resources to create more than $200MM in corporate value.

Our Capabilities

 Through our deep network of private funding relationships, we provide equity, debt, hybrid, and venture backed financing for: 

  • Startup, seed, growth, and expansion capital.
  • Short term and seasonal cash flow stabilization.
  • Raw materials, supplies, and inventory.
  • Machinery, equipment, vehicle, and technology acquisition.
  • Intellectual Property, product development, and licensing.
  • Contractor and sub-contractor project working capital.
  • Commercial Real Estate acquisition, development, and      construction.
  • Mergers, acquisitions, buy-outs, exits, turn-around, and      distressed operations.
  • International business expansion.
  • Private Placements and Crowdfunding.

Our expertise provides us with the ability to finance the toughest situations.

Please download our brochure for additional information

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