Who We Are


We are "on-demand" strategy, execution, and management specialists, not “consultants”.  

We don't just tell you what to do, we act, execute, and manage to help you get it done! 

We have more than 175 years of collective real world experience as successful serial entrepreneurs, former C-Level or senior management executives, and subject matter experts covering all aspects of growing and managing successful businesses.    

We've been where you are and experienced what you are experiencing.  We've struggled, made the mistakes, and dealt with the same problems as you. We found the solutions and we want to do our part to help you avoid them.

How We Work


Clients don’t want to pay fat fees for bits of strategic advice and a lot of “suggestions” only to be left with the task of understanding what’s been recommended and doing so without the resource and intellectual capital to implement them.  


We're agile and flexible, moving resources in and out to make sure you have the right intellectual and management horsepower in the right places at the right time without breaking the bank. 

We work with you in short term iterative sprints, setting incremental milestones and continuously evaluating and adjusting based on changing information, needs, and opportunities.

Our Group

Chris Haug

Founder | CEO

Joe Barndt

Dr. Toby Gouker

Ellen Stokes

Rhett Kasparian

Keith Mayo