Focus drives business success.

Do what you do best, we'll cover the rest.

We create time, money, and intellectual capital 

so you can focus on your business.


Your scarcest, non-renewable resource is time, yet you and your team may spend up to sixty percent on back-end,  non-mission critical activities. What more could you achieve if you and each member of your team recovered just fifty percent of this time without working longer?   

We create that time by managing your back-end functions so you can focus on building a highly profitable business.    

Money & Financing

More than eighty percent of companies struggle daily with having sufficient financial resources to survive, let alone grow. Have you ever needed to defer payroll or missed an opportunity due to a lack of cash and working capital? 

Our financial specialists get you the financing needed so you can stop struggling and start growing. 

Intellectual Capital

Companies that practice the principle of focus grow 2.5X faster and are 3.0X more profitable than those who try to “do it all themselves”. Successful organizations  seek the extra resources they need to leverage their scarce resources. In so doing they accomplish far more without additional costly infrastructure. 


We provide you with "on demand" intellectual capital and management resources so you and our team can focus on growing a highly profitable organization.  

Who We Serve

Our Client Profile

We work nationally with clients across a broad range of industries and markets including:

  • Privately held pre-revenue startups through lower mid-market private companies. 
  • Startup, established, and franchise B2B, B2C, B2G, and Professional Services organizations
  • Accelerator/Incubator, Angel, VC, and PE portfolio companies.
  • Organizations contemplating a merger, acquisition, sale, exit, or other major liquidity event.
  • Companies experiencing financial or operational difficulties in need of restructuring or turn-around assistance.